Become a Trainer / Continuing Education for Trainers

Continuing Education for Trainers

Continuing Education Trainers Workshops are from 1-5 on Saturdays – Total of 4 hours – $75 each

Saturday Aug 13 ( 1 – 5 ) – Understanding Dog Body Language – (4 hours. $75.00 – 6.5 CEU’s)
Essential information for dog trainers, dog walkers, vet personnel and owners of dogs.
Learn to read what dogs are saying to each other, other dogs and us.
Covers Dog Body Language, Calming Signals, Signs of Stress, Distance Increasing Signals, Distance Decreasing Signals and How and when to intervene.

Workshop Registration fee

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Twinkle Puppy Classes Vancouver

Tuesdays - Sept 12 @ 7:00pm

Outdoor Training – Vancouver – Basic to Advanced

Saturday Sept 16 @ 11.00 am

Acting Classes for Dogs – Vancouver

Tuesday - Sept 12 - Star Level 1 @ 8:00 PM

"This training is great - I have seen amazing results in a short period of time and it prepares me and Buddy for the real world! I would recommend DogStars for anyone with a new or older dog."
Sean and his 8 month old Labrador - 'Buddy'