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DogStars Star Program: Star Training Classes

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DogStars has been a part of the movie and television industry for over 15 years. Not only do we recognize talent when we see it, we also actively train animals to be stars. Our Star I and Star II programs will put your pet on the path to Hollywood. To be ready for your pets auditions, just like people actors, training is a must.

DogStars provides the necessary animal acting training to achieve your dreams, we also place all Star II graduates into our DogStars Talent Agency, skipping the application process and fee. After all, when your pet masters Star II acting, we want them working for us!

Star I

Star Level 1 is a 5 week course, focusing on 3-5 behaviours per class, including:

  • Hitting a designated mark
  • Attention training: keeping your dog focused and performing
  • Waving and shaking a paw
  • Roll over
  • Wipe their face ( so cute! )
  • Taking a bow
  • Shake head
  • Lick lips / give kisses
  • And much, much more…

We also introduce clicker training as part of the positive reward system behind our training methods, as a clean and quick way to have your animal perform on set.

$195 / 5 Weeks

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Star II

Star Level 2 builds and expands on the work done in Star Level 1, introducing new and more complex behaviours, including:

  • Hitting consecutive designated marks
  • Work aways: teaching your dog to listen to commands while you or the trainer are out of sight; having your dog move away from the trainer, while still able to perform the called for behaviour
  • Bark on command / Quiet on request
  • Eyeline and attention work with increased distraction
  • Target training
  • Shake head
  • Lick lips / give kisses

Our DogStars Talent Agency guarantees a place in our talent roster for our Star II graduates, waiving the application and selection process as well as the $35 fee.
Successful completion of Star I is a prerequisite for Star II registration.

$195 / 5 Weeks

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Twinkle Puppy Classes Vancouver

Tuesdays - Sept 12 @ 7:00pm

Outdoor Training – Vancouver – Basic to Advanced

Saturday Sept 16 @ 11.00 am

Acting Classes for Dogs – Vancouver

Tuesday - Sept 12 - Star Level 1 @ 8:00 PM

“I noticed a change in his behavior after 2 group sessions! He learned walk nicely on leash, sit, down, heel and come consistently on command. Piper was able to respond to commands on and off leash.”
Cheryl with her 4 month old Yellow Lab, ‘Piper’