What are the training methods being taught?

DogStars promotes positive reinforcement and reward based training . We employ clicker training, lure training, praise and play rewards and all without the use of corrections. The safety of animals is first and foremost in our philosophy, which means avoiding the use of choke chains or shock collars. We aim to build a trusting relationship between owner/trainer and dog to achieve obedience and understanding. Additionally, we teach new trainers how to determine which training methods are the most effective in different situations, giving you the tools to work with a variety of clients.

Dogstars Training Academy

How old does my dog have to be?
Under 5 months of age for Twinkle Puppy Programs, Over 5-6 months for Shine Adult Programs, and 6 months and up for Star Training. Our private training sessions are for dogs of any age.

How big are classes?
DogStars group classes are a minimum of 4 dogs and a maximum of 6 per class.

What vaccinations are needed?
All dogs must have received their second set of vaccinations prior to attending group classes.

What happens if I can’t make a class?
Make up classes are available as private lessons for an additional $40/hour, which is a savings of $45 when compared to standard private lesson fees.

Star Training

Does my dog have to have obedience training before starting Star?
No previous training is required to enrol in DogStars Star training classes.

What do I get out of being in the DogStars Talent Agency?
Every pet that we accept into the DogStars Talent Agency added to our talent database. When DogStars is contacted by a production company, we comb our roster and submit candidates that fit the requirements of the job. They choose which animal they feel is best suited for the role. The more your pet can do, the more likely they are to be hired. By being a part of the DogStars Talent Agency, your pet submitted for casting opportunities for commercials, photo shoots, live events, tv shows and movies.

DogStars Talent Agency

What is the standard rate to hire a DogStar?
Our rates are very competitive but are dependent on many factors including location, length of shoot, number of animal actors, number of trainers required, and physical requirements of the animals. Please contact us directly with an outline of your project for an estimate.

Where are you located?
We are located in Vancouver BC, but are willing to travel depending on the project.

Can I view all the available animal actors?
Yes. Our roster is private, but may be viewed with permission from DogStars Talent Agency. Contact us directly with your project needs and we can grant access to our talent pool.

What kind of experience does DogStars offer?
Our head trainer has over 25 years of experience as an on set trainer as well as a private animal trainer. See our Bio and Filmography section for a list of projects featuring DogStars.

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