This course was perfect to add the extra value to my current dog walking business. I learned so many great things in the in person course – so valuable to have the in person component too. Online courses were very thorough and easy to take too!
Melissa Mewdell – Vancouver 

Exceeded my expectations! I cannot express how much gratitude and respect I have for Dog Stars Academy! The experience I have had has been nothing but wonderful. Super professional, patient, and passionate about what they do! I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to DogStars. I have never felt so connected and excited about my improved bond with my dog. Thanks to DogStar, my pup and I have overcome lots of problem behaviours and are a whole new pack. Thanks Georgina for changing lives one pup at a time
Chanelle Mantha  – North Vancouver 

Such a great course – I implemented so many things into my doggie daycare business that worked so well. Great skills to learn and gain more dog knowledge !
Elizabeth Taylor  – Cape Town South Africa 

I love Georgina and DogStars and I trained all 3 of my dogs in her training program and I highly recommend her Trainer’s program I use her methods every day 💕It is so easy to apply the training to working with client! Very positive methodology, approach and positive instructor.
Yvonne Loppnau – Chilliwack BC
Georgina is a great trainer and wonderful teacher. Her methods work and she is still here to help after the course if I have any questions
Leila Kamil – Bowen Island BC

I learned so much to help with my own dog and now helping clients to train theirs is a dream come true! Thanks Georgina and DogStars.
Masina Kakese – Vancouver BC

The classes are so informative and fun to learn, Georgina is patient and a positive trainer through and through.
Jennifer Parent – Langley BC

Classes were perfectly timed so I could still work and have lots of valuable hands on training with dogs.
Dakota Sanagara – Burnaby BC

DogStars Trainers Program was so great – I am working for myself and loving it!
Yoko Sakai – North Vancouver BC

Learning from an expert trainer is essential. Georgina is that expert – I learned from the best!
Karen Fraser – Vancouver BC

This program covered exactly what I wanted to learn. I have started my own business and classes are so much fun to teach.
Elizabeth MacDonald – White Rock BC

I had a great time learning how to train dogs and to communicate with the people who own them.
Daniella Dym – Burnaby BC

So much to learn and taught so well by the team of instructors
Dulcy Perversoff – Chilliwack BC

Incredible program. I would recommend anyone wanting to pursue this career to take this course with confidence. I learned so much and have applied the techniques easily and they work.
Mandarin MacLeod – Vernon BC

Great course – so much is covered and I learned to help my own dog and others with similar concerns. Now teaching private sessions for clients and loving my new career
Casey Parish- North Vancouver BC

DogStars program met my goals and helped prepare me to work with clients right away. Hands on work with my own dog and then with clientele shaped my skills quickly. I enjoyed learning to read canine body language, my knowledge has expanded to comprehend what the dog is thinking during the training process. This is an essential point to create a foundation for dog trainers.
Elvina Meret- Vancouver BC

Very Satisfied overall with DogStars Program. It definitely met my goals to be trained as a one-on-one problem solver for clients. I have a very good understanding of what the dog is saying by it’s body language and how to train any dog.
Bonnie Oleksiuk- Langley BC

I now have a more clear understanding of behavioral issues and what types of training methods to use when training dogs. I feel prepared to work with clients and their animals. The course was thoroughly enjoyable!
Gord Field – Richmond BC

I was very impressed with the knowledge of instructors and content of the program. The training techniques are explained and demonstrated clearly. Being able to work with different dogs during the program was excellent. Learning about animal behavior and how to get that loose leash feeling was very useful. Very affordable and accessible course.
Tara Tower – Vancouver BC

DogStars Program exceeded my expectations! I did a lot of research …and feel that this one is great value for money and provides the much needed hands-on dog training experience that on-line courses can’t offer. This program gave me confidence in taking on clients. Going on actual training sessions with our instructor was priceless!
Saffrina Welch – Vancouver BC

Great Program! I would recommend this to anyone interested in a career as a dog trainer. I feel confident in addressing peoples training needs, run group classes and deal with anything in between.
James Sztyler – Vancouver BC

DogStars Programs were great – I really enjoyed it and got a lot of benefit from all the hands on work the dogs. The workshops were very informative. It met my expectations and was better than I had hoped!
Craig McDowell – Port Moody BC

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