Dog Owners Testimonials

“I am very happy referring clients to DogStars – Results are quick and positively achieved.”
Veterinarian Dr. Kates of South Burnaby Vet Hospital

“This training is great – I have seen amazing results in a short period of time and it prepares me and Buddy for the real world! I would recommend DogStars for anyone with a new or an older dog.”
Sean and his 8 month old Labrador – ‘Buddy’

“DogStars supplied a great team of animals for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, great work and fabulous team of dogs and trainers.”
Celia McBride – Entertainment Co-ordinator – Yukon Arts – Vancouver 2010 Olympics

“Georgina is extremely knowledgeable, patient and very skilled with dogs. She is able to explain the training methods in an easily understood way. I really liked the one on one instruction, which was so flexible to schedule!”
Justin with his 1½ year old Great Pyrenees, ‘Sadie’

“I noticed a change in my dog’s behavior after 1 group session! He learned walk nicely on leash, sit, down, heel and come consistently on command. Piper is now able to respond to commands on and off leash.”
Cheryl with her 4 month old Yellow Lab, ‘Piper’

“Thanks to DogStars & Georgina for her help finding, training and working with our dog actors for the Shopping Bags TV shows”
Kristina Matisic – Producer / Actor – Shopping Bags

“DogStars trainers with their talented dogs were great to work with during the filming of Sony video”
Kazuhito Yagi – Production Manager – Sony video shoot

“I am very confident referring clients to Georgina – She is amazing at what she does.”
Veterinarian Dr. Buxton of South Burnaby Vet Hospital

“Georgina is a fantastic trainer and I definitely would recommend her services.”
Veterinarian Dr. Spooner of Yaletown Pet Hospital

“We learned how to communicate with our dog and have her listen! Everything was very clear and so informative.”
Fredericka, Anton & ‘Stella’ – (Bull terrier – 4 months old)- Twinkle Puppy Classes

“Very happy with the results – we have more control off leash and when other dogs are around!”
Sarah, Rod & ‘Roxy’ – (Manchester Terrier – 6 months old)- Shine Level 2 Classes

“I was really impressed with every aspect with the training. I now understand what my dog thinks and why.”
Kristine & ‘Zander’ – (Peekapoo – 4 months old)- Twinkle Puppy Classes

“I always left feeling positive – training is easy to understand – changes started the same day we started class!”
Jeff & ‘Nico’ – (Entlebucher – 6 months old)- Shine Level 1 Classes

“We learned how to communicate and have so much fun with our dog! Stella is a great listener now, everything was very clear and so informative.”
Terry & ‘Sheila’ – (Boston Terrier – 8 months old)- Star Acting Classes Level 1

“Georgina is just fantastic, she is very patient and so knowledgeable – the classes were really helpful – I noticed a change after the first class.”
Betsy and ‘Archie’ – (Goldendoodle – 4 months old)- Twinkle Puppy Classes

“Amazing training! Lots of one on one attention – small group class sizes works great. “
Rob & ‘Abby’ – (Chocolate Labrador – 6 months old)- Shine Level 1 Classes

“My veterinarian referred me to DogStars and I learned a lot! Georgina is great, and I was very pleased with the results.”
Maria & ‘Kukla’ – (lab X rotti – 2 years old)- Shine Level 1 classes

“Definately a must if you have a puppy – It was very helpful and fun, the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.”
Bill & Bunter – (Poodle X – 5 months old)- Twinkle Puppy Classes

“It is great to teach them fun behaviors and work on their obedience as well!”
Peter and Yvonne & Kona – (Lab X border collie – 1 y) – Star Acting Classes Level 1

“Classes very educational and I now understand better what Brie thinks and why!”
Nancy with Brie (Labrador 5 months)- Twinkle Puppy Classes

Dog Trainers Testimonials

Fantastic Program – taught me to run my own classes and then start my own business which has been successful
Yoko Sakuri – Vancouver BC – 2009 Graduate

DogStars Trainers Program exceeded my expectations! I did a lot of research …and feel that this program is great value for money and provides the much needed hands-on dog training experience that on-line courses can’t offer. This program gave me confidence in taking on clients. Going on actual training sessions with our instructor was priceless!
Saffrina Welch – Vancouver BC – 2010 Graduate

Great Program! I would recommend this program to anyone interested in a career as a dog trainer. I feel confident in addressing peoples training needs, run group classes and deal with anything in between.
James Sztyler – Vancouver BC – 2009 Graduate

It is so easy to apply the training from the program to working with clients! Very positive methodology, approach and a positive instructor.
Yvonne Loppnau – Chilliwack BC – 2010 Graduate

DogStars Professional Trainers course was great – I really enjoyed it and got a lot of benefit from all the hands on work with dogs. The program met my expectations and was better than I had hoped!
Craig McDowell – Port Moody BC – 2010 Graduate

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