DogStars Shine Program: Adult Dog Training

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DogStars offers two programs for dogs over five months old. Shine I is for dogs with little or no prior obedience training, while Shine II is tailored to graduates of Shine I and dogs who have received some basic obedience in the past, either from a previous group class or personal training at home.

Our Shine programs are 1 hour, once a week for six weeks, and we teach according to our philosophy of positive reinforcement and force free training techniques.

Shine I Classes are held in an indoor group training environment, you and your dog will learn:

  • Basic obedience, including sit, come, stay, down
  • Walking properly on a leash, with distractions & Heeling on leash
  • Phasing out treat rewards
  • Social skills with other dogs
  • How to address problematic behaviours such as barking and jumping up

$275 / 6 weeks 1 hour per week

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Shine II classes are held outside on Saturdays Starting March 2023 ( after the thaw ! )

Once your dog has learned basic obedience, the door is open for more advanced outside and more specific training. With a focus on loose leash and off leash training, DogStars Shine II training program aims to teach owners and pets:

  • Advanced obedience , with distractions
  • On leash and possibly off leash heeling
  • Long distance and off leash commands; have your dog respond to you when you are 10-50 feet away or at the park
  • Invisible Commands; have your dog respond to you when they cannot see you

$250 / 6 weeks

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DogStars is pleased to offer a special a Dog Starter Package! For just $350, you will receive the six weeks of group classes PLUS one hour of private training, either in-home or in your favourite park! These private sessions normally start at $130/ hour, and allow you the flexibility of choosing skills you would like your pet to learn, or individual problems you would like to address. In-home training offers the benefits of dealing with problems where they happen, all in keeping with our positive teaching methodology.

$350 / 6 group classes & Private Consult ( 1 hr )