DogStars Talent Agency is the foremost animal talent agency in Vancouver. We boast a roster of over 600 animal actors, comprised of a range of animals with a range of talents. We have numerous dogs/ cats available:

    Our Dog Stars

    Our Cat Stars

Our trainers are always at work adding more talent to our lineup. Contact us for full access to our roster for casting purposes, including photos and abilities.

Casting a DogStar

To hire a DogStar Talent Agency animal actor, contact us by email or phone with an outline or script breakdown. Based on the animal acting required, we can present a range of suitable performers. Our rates are competitive and our trainers have decades of on set experience. For a complete filmography, see our Bio and Filmography

One thought on “Gallery of Talent

  1. Robyn says:

    I’m wondering if this would be something fun for my cat and I to get into. His name is Monty and we go for on leash and off leash walks daily. He loves people and will even roll on his back at their feet for rubs. He likes dogs unless they have a very high strung energy, and he likes cats as far as I can tell – though he isn’t afraid to stand his ground!

    Please check out his Instagram @montolomew for pictures of him (youll find it pretty clear I’m not a photographer!)

    If you could provide additional info that would be great! Thank you for your time,


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