DogStars Twinkle Program: Puppy Training

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DogStars Twinkle Puppy classes are designed for dogs under 6 months of age. We promote safe and positive experiences for puppies.

Our Twinkle Puppy programs are 1 hour classes, once a week for six weeks, and we teach according to our philosophy of positive reinforcement and animal learning in a force free environment.

Small puppy classes only – for pups that are less than 20lbs when full grown.

Large puppy classes for pups over 20 lbs when fully grown. In keeping with this outlook, all dogs are required to have proof of 2nd vaccinations.

Twinkle Puppy Classes are held in a indoor group training environment, you and your dog will learn:

  • Basic obedience, including sit, come, stay, down
  • Walking nicely on a leash, and heeling on leash
  • Phasing out treat rewards
  • Social skills with other dogs
  • How to address problematic puppy behaviours such as chewing, housetraining, barking and jumping up

$275 / 6 weeks – 1 hour per week

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DogStars is pleased to offer a special a Dog Starter Package! For just $350, you will receive the six weeks of group classes PLUS one hour of private training, either in-home or in your favourite park! These private sessions normally start at $130/ hour, and allow you the flexibility of choosing skills you would like your pet to learn, or individual problems you would like to address. In-home training offers the benefits of dealing with problems where they happen, all in keeping with our positive teaching methodology.

$350 / 6 group classes & Private Consult ( 1 hr )

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