Training Philosophy

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basil and buddy with g feature

Georgina Bradley: Top Dog

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In the Media

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Vancouver – Saturdays – Feb 2016 – dates to be announced

- Twinkle Puppy @ 9:30 AM - Outdoor Training @ 11:00 AM

Vancouver – Feb 2016 – dates to be announced – Ball & Biscuit @ Broadway/Main

- Twinkle Puppy Class @ 7:00pm
- Acting Level 1 @ 8:00pm

New Westminster – Wednesdays Oct 21 – Bosleys Columbia Square

Twinkle Puppy - Aug 12 @ 7:00pm - 6 weeks
Acting level 2 - Aug 19 @ 8.00pm - 5 weeks

Private Training Sessions – Before Nov 2015 – After Feb 2016

Behavior concerns addressed immediately in your home or outside

“Georgina is a fantasic trainer and I recommend her services.”
Veternarian Recommended Dr. Spooner of Yaletown Pet Hospital